My Ubuntu CD arrives.

Ubuntu is one cool linux distro’s available these days , and they are shipping it free to your doors for promotional purposes.

I requested it a month ago and it arrived yesterday to my place. i installed it on my machine as it came.

ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘Humanity to others’, or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.

To be frank ubuntu rocks and beats windows in every aspect as user friendliness is its key USP.

The latest ubuntu release is feisty fawn 7.04 .

ubuntu logo

ubuntu primarily comes withe gnome desktop environment  .

There are other flavours  kubuntu which has kde as desktop environment .

another ubuntu based flavour is edubuntu which is for educational purposes . it hase many open source softwares helpful for educating children.

I have requested these two distro’s too.


5 thoughts on “My Ubuntu CD arrives.

  1. Jasdeep,

    This comment has NOTHING to do with your Ubuntu CD, I’m afraid, but I couldn’t work out how else to send you a message!

    I’m the Mark Harrison who seems to be disagreeing with a lot of the things you say on jyte.

    I just wanted to make sure that you know that I consider you intelligent, articulate, and polite.

    Please don’t get upset with me just because you and I have different views on socialism and intellectual property 🙂

    Best regards from England.

    Mark Harrison

  2. Which Linux distro would you recommend for a Linux newbie who is interested in giving Linux a try? An attractive Windowed GUI is of high importance to me if I’m going to find an OS that I can eventually replace Vista as my primary OS.

    Knowing virtually nothing at all of Linux, I gave Debian a try a few months back, but I found it un-user-friendly to the point of absurdity, and after I tried for hours to just install the drivers for my NVIDIA PCIE graphics card to no avail, I just uninstalled it and went back to Vista.

  3. I would recomend Opensuse 10.2 to you aaron as it is user friendy and it has many software packages and very efficient administraive interface Yast , the other distribution i would recomend is ubuntu it is also user friendy , and many user software packages that can be installed via apt-get …Personally I am using ubuntu ..

  4. Have you ever tried Debian? How would you compare it to the other distros you suggested as far as ease of use and ease of package installation? I do understand that there will be a learning curve, but I found Debian to completely daunting.

    I am willing to time into learning what I need to know in order to use Linux, but when I couldn’t even get my graphics or sound drivers working after hours of trying, it just wasn’t worth it to me to keep trying. I literally couldn’t stand looking at it anymore. I have a flat-screen, widescreen LED monitor, with a native resolution of 1680×1050, and without the NVIDIA driver, I couldn’t even get that resolution for the GUI. That meant that everything was all stretched out of proportion, and I couldn’t stand it.

    To give you a little background, I consider myself to be a pretty advanced Windows user. I’m a MSDN member and beta tested Vista for almost 2 years before its release. But my Linux knowledge is pretty limited. How long do you think it would take me, using a good Linux distro, to get it installed and working well enough that I can start installing software and actually start using it for day-to-day tasks. I use my computer as my primary media/entertainment center, among other things.

  5. Ubuntu is Debian based,but its better than debian for its ease of use , I have used both and find ubuntu better than anything else i have tried be it knnopix,fedora,debian. I will recommend to give ubuntu a try I use ubuntu as my primary desktop for media/enertainment use at my home , and i use open suse for development purposes at my workplace. Other wise OpenSuse is best for a beginner,and a Windows migrater.

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