Have Fun With Display Tags

Most of the time we get large chunk of data on a view page say there are more then 20 records to be shown , which makes it untidy and scrolling..
So there are many solutions to this problem, that is we have to implement pagination in our code .
first solution is to develop your own programming logic for pagination, its good bid if you are a proud geek .. and you make your own way…
But i opted for second option that is to look for an already available solution on the web and i found it easily … Display Tags is my bet fo pagination…

they are very easy to use with JSP/Servlets application , provided you send arraylist of the Java Beans you populate to view records… Look at this tut . Its makes your jsp code neat and gives you a paged output…

You may find an issue if you are using struts ,as the case with me… that is you are unable to next output page.. for that there is support provided by them.

Just download the display tag jar and use in you web app .. have fun with pagination…


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