Chandigarh Bloggers haz a meet up !

I got a direct message on twitter from Shankar Bakshi about Chandigarh bloggers meet on Sunday. I was in huge excitement straightaway, I said yes, yes like i had found  some lost treasure.

So I was the first guy to reach the venue,then came Shankar the self confessed dot com guru and the other guys behind this meet up. We introduced each other briefly,  the meetup was brain child of Gaurav, who is studying at NIT Warangal.This guy was working on an idea to setup a blogging media company and a blog magazine in print was on the cards.There was Rajesh, who wants to spread thoughts on social issues like female foeticide.There was teen blogger Saurav around after that, He is 18.

The rain was pouring outside and the bloggers started to pour in too.Then came the girls to add charm into the evening. Preeti and Sukhbir were two SEO consultants/managers, who were working for a city based SEO/Software organization , the maintain companies blog. Preeti has a blog on SMS poetry.  A guy with specs came to me and asked, where is the blogger meet. This was Abhinav Sood born to a doctor couple, he was kept away from computers as much as they can, but the geek in him, won and he chose to be an engineer rather then a doctor. He is a successful blogger, means he makes money from it. He was really enthusiatic about meet and asked really nice questions to all others.

Then came Mohit Aneja, with his lovely wife Reet Aneja . He works with dell, and is really great designer and supportive guy. He had a story to share that he was top contributor to Yahoo answers and his account was blocked by Yahoo without warning as he un-intetionally posted link for a torrent site. So he started to share best practices as a slap to yahoo’s face.

The meet bacame vibrant with open discussion / introductions, Shanker shared his thoughts on how to make money with blogging and SEO, Gaurav on Indiblogger and future blogger events , Mohit on future meets and contributing sharing and working with each other. Two guys Sameer and Abhishek arrived in between. These guys have just bootstarpped a startup named vantagewebtech on Internet Marketing. They have worked for local SEO companies.Abhishek is a dog lover and wants to dig deep into blogging about dogs.

The discussion was enthralling , the coffee and snacks had arrived. Weather outside was awesome. I too was asked to speak about myself. I talked about my village background and how I started the Punjabi Poetry blog parchanve. Then about the tech blog and my tech ventures. I was emotionally charged up and was asked to recite any poem for the mehfil. So I recited Avtar Singh Paash.

ਕਿਰਤ ਦੀ ਲੁੱਟ, ਸਭ ਤੋਂ ਖਤਰਨਾਕ ਨਹੀਂ ਹੁੰਦੀ
ਪੁਲਿਸ ਦੀ ਕੁੱਟ, ਸਭ ਤੋਂ ਖਤਰਨਾਕ ਨਹੀਂ ਹੁੰਦੀ

ਸਭ ਤੋਂ ਖਤਰਨਾਕ ਹੁੰਦਾ ਹੈ
ਸਾਡੇ ਸੁਪਿਨਆਂ ਦਾ ਮਰ ਜਾਣਾ

Most treacherous is not the robbery
of hard earned wages

Most horrible is not the torture by the police

Most dangerous is the death of our dreams

The discussion moved on with this, a journalist Ravi arrived for reporting blooger meet for newspaper Hindustan. We decided about the things to do for next meetup. The reastaurent bill was paid by Shankar Bakshi , Thanks dude.  Looking for the next meetup, See you there.


9 thoughts on “Chandigarh Bloggers haz a meet up !

  1. Thank you Jasdeep for covering up the event so well.
    And I realy genuinely appreciate the way you have come up in life from where you started[just another village guy] to where you are right now i.e a well aware , well speaking professional.
    Keep it up.Catchya in the next meet and will take some programming tips time to time.

  2. The rain was pouring outside and the bloggers started to pour in too” Great -This is how a peot sees the things around.

    I am a Self Proclaimed dot Com Guru not self confessed.

    Great Review. – carry on your journey to your dreams.

  3. @Gaurav
    Thanks for appreciation,Blogs has been pillars of my personal evolution,I learnt a lot of things from the blogosphere. Looking forward for the next meet.

    Thanks ji, Will look for your participation in the next meet.

  4. All the best to you and to the fellow bloggers for saying “Bolgistan Zindabad”. Tom Freidman in his famous ‘The World is Flat’ had described the value of this exponentially growing collaboration when every individual is contributing to the intellectual capital of Humanity. Good Job, Jasdeep.

  5. Thanks for the mention, Jasdeep. Chandigarh Bloggers Meet-Up was a great experience that I’ll always cherish. Good luck to you with your blog and wish you a safe and happy blogging journey.

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