Delhi Barcamp5 – Sprouted !

The Delhi Barcamp4 was quite an eye opener and great learning experience for me as it was first Barcamp. To quote from DelhiBarCamp5 blog :

The seeds have germinated.
A lot of sunlight and some water sprinkles have softened the outer shell.
Little sprouts can be seen carving out themselves.

Lets  see wats in store for this sprouted  barcamp, as for me my first barcamp as landed me into  job work with as I was tested positive with EBC’s(Entrepreneurial Blood Cells) (Really ?).

Looking at the sponsors list and talks/sessions , it seems it is going to be big. I am looking forward for the sessions on Python programming , Terracotta and of course lots of Entrepreneurship gyan.

Check the venue details here or simply sms “rg <your location in delhi > to bcd5” to 56767 to arrive at the barcamp reception.

Place : IIT Delhi Seminar Hall Main Admin Block

Date : 11th and 12th October (Saturday-Sunday)

Timings : From 10:00 AM to 6.00 PM (these are ought to be stretched as it is an unconference)

and yes we will get a free tshirt and free lunch there 🙂

so join the fun !


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