Delhi Barcamp5 – Takeaways

The Sprouted Delhi BarCamp 5 was exhilarating an experience, Although it was not as glittering as expected from the sponsorships and registrations.

The formal/informal inauguration was done by the behind the scenes slide show and video by picturulize featuring the key guys behind this wonderful unconference.

Then the talks/sessions proceeded, I attended a talk on Pylons and Schevo , It seems Pylons might be better than django in terms of modularity, but django has become a rockstar for python community and  django has much more active community than pylons.

The other talk i really liked was about Building a scalable architecture of web applications by Bhavin Turakhia, CEO Directi, It was very much power packed and a must see for any web developer.

The talk of the day was The Global Financial Crisis and India by Pankaj from Teknatus, It was very interactive talk and if we can get the video of the talk that would be far more informative, It tells about the harsh realities India might face in near future. Some keypoints of the talks were :

  • Indian Economy is very much integrated  with global economy, so it is prone to be hit by global slowdown, we may see its consequences in coming six months or so.
  • 30 years back Indian saved 70 percent of there income, These days it has gone down to 11 percent. So the if the economic disaster strikes, It is going to be a nightmare for many.
  • The US financial crisis is result of sheer ignorance of US policy makers and same can happen to India

This presentation was a big hit with the listeners, it got extended to 90 minutes session from an alloted 30 minutes. The day ended with the coyright infringement talk by twilightfairy and how she fought with mainstream media big wig TOI for her rights .

The second day of barcamp started with an interactive discussion about blogging and as the participants arrived ,There was a talk by Barcamp4 and Barcamp5 Coordinator Piyush about Entrepreneurs and Marriages, as most of the Entrepreneurs face matrimonial issues , There was very healthy discussion about it .

Fabian form Ubuntu told the audience about its importance. A hackathon was called on by two young hackers Pratul and Parteek , but it turned out to be a ubuntu installation and  support session for newbies.

Nikhil from Medianama, interacted with enterprenures about there ventures. The day ended with a call to change the conversation to ‘Poverty’ on blog action day by simply arun.

You can search youtube and slide share with tag bcd5 for videos and slides respectively.


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