Silence of the Poor

Most countries in modern history have built their wealth on the foundations of the oppression of powerless people. India is taking giant economic strides within a functioning democracy. We still have the time to resolve that we will not build our prosperity on the sufferings of ordinary people.

This quote is concluding remark of  HT Editorial written by Harsh Mander (Convener , NGO Aman Biradari )

Its blog action day today and there is call to change the conversation to Poverty. So  bloggers around the world today has put there views together for  88 ways to do something about poverty right now.

Some interesting views are :

  • Stop buying junk to make yourself look pretty and donate it to homeless people and hungry people
  • Stop being lazy. Find a way to do your job better so that you can save an hour a day, or be that much more productive
  • Give comfort to the poor
  • Support charity organization in your country. Reducing poverty may start in your nearest region.
  • Donate your time and expertise to teach a class to those trying to find a new way to earn a living
  • Fund educational programs for women

We can work in way to change ourselves first , Change the way we perceive the poor,  the way we deal with them.

The article i have quoted throws light on the way Indian poor has been marginalized by the state – industrial nexus, which can result in a disaster for both.  Its evident that Indian poor has not asked for its share from the new “Shining India”, they have sacrificed there labor,their lives and land willingly or unwillingly in a hope of better future. They have not got any thing out of it.

Its our responsibility to make them feel the part of rising India not . If we fail to do so , We can see results in near future , the Maoist insurgency is one such problem, that is called biggest threat to Internal security , rather than providing socio economic upliftment to the people of that area. We may face similar problems rising in more parts of India.

So its time to act and do our bit because little does matter.

I am making a donation to and will look for helping the cause by becoming a volunteer. You can do the same by doing your preferred mode of participation.

Its Arun, who made me aware of blog action day on delhi barcamp, Thanks dude.

Arun’s Presentation on blog action day


5 thoughts on “Silence of the Poor

  1. nice one as usaul.. this is the one of the biggest problem in india.. when the basic needs of the people will not be fulfilled no country can do progress.. but again to say that hell with the leaders of this country and some cheap high level people who are feeding up there bank accounts rather than to give a penny to these people.

    debi says : doosariya layi mehal banaunde.. aap taariya chaave saunde.. jinna di kise ne khabar layi na jinna de main ve jaa nai sakya onna to maafi chauna..

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