Print log4j logs from jUnit tests

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    Logger rootLogger = Logger.getRootLogger();
    rootLogger.addAppender(new ConsoleAppender(
            new PatternLayout("%-6r [%p] %c - %m%n")));

Ada Lovelace Day – Leah Culver

Though internet spreads the word at lightening speed, but i came to know about Ada Lovelace Day 3 days late.  Pardon my ignorance.

To quote from website

Ada Lovelace Day is an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology

Who was Ada ?

Ada Lovelace wrote the world’s first computer programmes for the Analytical Engine, a general-purpose machine that Charles Babbage had invented.

Influences :

The computer language Ada, created by the U.S. Defense Department, was named after Lovelace

The name that promptly came to my mind of  woman in technology i admire is :

Leah Culver

She was founder and lead developer of  Pownce (a twitter clone), She has contributed to OAuth and many more open source projects and another important thing she writes code in  python :).

Nowdays she works with SixApart.

Its not too late to celebrate i think, spread the word and tell the world about women you admire in technology.

Silence of the Poor

Most countries in modern history have built their wealth on the foundations of the oppression of powerless people. India is taking giant economic strides within a functioning democracy. We still have the time to resolve that we will not build our prosperity on the sufferings of ordinary people.

This quote is concluding remark of  HT Editorial written by Harsh Mander (Convener , NGO Aman Biradari )

Its blog action day today and there is call to change the conversation to Poverty. So  bloggers around the world today has put there views together for  88 ways to do something about poverty right now.

Some interesting views are :

  • Stop buying junk to make yourself look pretty and donate it to homeless people and hungry people
  • Stop being lazy. Find a way to do your job better so that you can save an hour a day, or be that much more productive
  • Give comfort to the poor
  • Support charity organization in your country. Reducing poverty may start in your nearest region.
  • Donate your time and expertise to teach a class to those trying to find a new way to earn a living
  • Fund educational programs for women

We can work in way to change ourselves first , Change the way we perceive the poor,  the way we deal with them.

The article i have quoted throws light on the way Indian poor has been marginalized by the state – industrial nexus, which can result in a disaster for both.  Its evident that Indian poor has not asked for its share from the new “Shining India”, they have sacrificed there labor,their lives and land willingly or unwillingly in a hope of better future. They have not got any thing out of it.

Its our responsibility to make them feel the part of rising India not . If we fail to do so , We can see results in near future , the Maoist insurgency is one such problem, that is called biggest threat to Internal security , rather than providing socio economic upliftment to the people of that area. We may face similar problems rising in more parts of India.

So its time to act and do our bit because little does matter.

I am making a donation to and will look for helping the cause by becoming a volunteer. You can do the same by doing your preferred mode of participation.

Its Arun, who made me aware of blog action day on delhi barcamp, Thanks dude.

Arun’s Presentation on blog action day

Delhi Barcamp5 – Takeaways

The Sprouted Delhi BarCamp 5 was exhilarating an experience, Although it was not as glittering as expected from the sponsorships and registrations.

The formal/informal inauguration was done by the behind the scenes slide show and video by picturulize featuring the key guys behind this wonderful unconference.

Then the talks/sessions proceeded, I attended a talk on Pylons and Schevo , It seems Pylons might be better than django in terms of modularity, but django has become a rockstar for python community and  django has much more active community than pylons.

The other talk i really liked was about Building a scalable architecture of web applications by Bhavin Turakhia, CEO Directi, It was very much power packed and a must see for any web developer.

The talk of the day was The Global Financial Crisis and India by Pankaj from Teknatus, It was very interactive talk and if we can get the video of the talk that would be far more informative, It tells about the harsh realities India might face in near future. Some keypoints of the talks were :

  • Indian Economy is very much integrated  with global economy, so it is prone to be hit by global slowdown, we may see its consequences in coming six months or so.
  • 30 years back Indian saved 70 percent of there income, These days it has gone down to 11 percent. So the if the economic disaster strikes, It is going to be a nightmare for many.
  • The US financial crisis is result of sheer ignorance of US policy makers and same can happen to India

This presentation was a big hit with the listeners, it got extended to 90 minutes session from an alloted 30 minutes. The day ended with the coyright infringement talk by twilightfairy and how she fought with mainstream media big wig TOI for her rights .

The second day of barcamp started with an interactive discussion about blogging and as the participants arrived ,There was a talk by Barcamp4 and Barcamp5 Coordinator Piyush about Entrepreneurs and Marriages, as most of the Entrepreneurs face matrimonial issues , There was very healthy discussion about it .

Fabian form Ubuntu told the audience about its importance. A hackathon was called on by two young hackers Pratul and Parteek , but it turned out to be a ubuntu installation and  support session for newbies.

Nikhil from Medianama, interacted with enterprenures about there ventures. The day ended with a call to change the conversation to ‘Poverty’ on blog action day by simply arun.

You can search youtube and slide share with tag bcd5 for videos and slides respectively.

Delhi Barcamp5 – Sprouted !

The Delhi Barcamp4 was quite an eye opener and great learning experience for me as it was first Barcamp. To quote from DelhiBarCamp5 blog :

The seeds have germinated.
A lot of sunlight and some water sprinkles have softened the outer shell.
Little sprouts can be seen carving out themselves.

Lets  see wats in store for this sprouted  barcamp, as for me my first barcamp as landed me into  job work with as I was tested positive with EBC’s(Entrepreneurial Blood Cells) (Really ?).

Looking at the sponsors list and talks/sessions , it seems it is going to be big. I am looking forward for the sessions on Python programming , Terracotta and of course lots of Entrepreneurship gyan.

Check the venue details here or simply sms “rg <your location in delhi > to bcd5” to 56767 to arrive at the barcamp reception.

Place : IIT Delhi Seminar Hall Main Admin Block

Date : 11th and 12th October (Saturday-Sunday)

Timings : From 10:00 AM to 6.00 PM (these are ought to be stretched as it is an unconference)

and yes we will get a free tshirt and free lunch there 🙂

so join the fun !

Why Sikhism fears Christian conversions !

In my Google Reader, I have subscribed to the articles feed of , which is an online magazine run by Sikh/Punjabi Intellectual elite from North America, and I came across “Beware… Punjab is being Invaded …Again!” which states and provides reference to a report by :

The people of Punjab and India are being sold an ideology(Christianity) which has already proved bankrupt elsewhere, and now threatens the very existence of a society shaped by the incomparably rich and unique philosophy of the Gurus.

The other article “Punjab: Battleground Anew” states:

Conversions have been happening all over the world, including Punjab.  They are not likely to cease; after all, there is a smorgasbord of religions in the growing and global free marketplace out there.

But why all this emphasis on the small state of Punjab?

So I posted a comment to this article about my view point as :

The ground realities of christian conversions are:If not all, most of the conversions are by the people from dalit background/weaker economic sections. Now, why they turn to Christianity:

  • The Sikh bodies are mostly controlled by either Jat /Arora Sikh communities, so definitely there is discrimination against the Dalits in Sikh shrines. To have a different identity, they find solace in another faith or sect, be it a Dera, Christianity etc. If you argue there is no discrimination you can watch this documentary “The Untouchables”  about the discrimination.
  • Having their own temple/church/gurduara gives them a sense of economic/social independence from the economically stronger sections. But since the Christian proselytizing organizations pump in money, it is easy for them to have there own shrine. But on the other side. the funding in Sikhism is bottom driven and SGPC, being dominated by Jat Sikhs /Politicaly nexed up, don’t/won’t provide any funds to Dalits for their gurdwaras.

These are the key reasons why Dalits are easily lured into membership in other sects and belief systems, despite the vested interests the latter invariably have. Sikhism has been neglecting them. Actually having conversion further segregates them into discriminated society.

In its earlier times, Sikhism was a social revolution. But nowdays, it has forgotten its mission. Where the emphasis is on building a different identity rather building a healthy social system. If you chant Guru Granth Sahib verses like mantras without telling their meanings, then there is no point in saying ‘Ham Hindu Nahin’.

Moreover the rhetoric of guarding our people from conversions will make sense , if they the discriminated get equal rights. Which is far from happening.

There has been acts of violence against the christian converts in the southern states like Orissa by the Hindutva brigade. The reason being Hindutva and Christianity both have run campaigns to convert the innocent tribals/dalits into their faiths and runing their own schools,  Nobody wants to work for their social upliftment , they just want to tag them as Hindus or Christians. In the end they pay the price of being uneducated,impoverished and Dalits, by getting killed and tortured.

There is no point in fearing from the conversions if there are anomalies in Sikhism which can not provide solace to certain people. Let them live their way . If we in Sikhism can do something is run a campaign for making them aware, providing them the means to have social /economic security, rather then safeguarding them or converting them back.

Attention Guys , Kwippy here !

May be this shirt quote is witty enough, Some one will finally love me

The origin of above quote is xkcd . Its human instinct to seek attention. Its deep rooted in our genes. The T-shirt quotes are one example. Same goes for the IM status.  The IM is yet another communication tool that has become part of our lives. Now we do set our IM statuses according to our mood or just for fun. So that friends around us might read our status message.

What about having an aggregation of all the status messages you ever set. Kwippy is here for that.


Just add Kwippy as buddy in your gtalk or yahoo messenger and get going with the storing the status messages from your IM messenger to your Kwippy account at web.

There are lot of features that Kwippy provides:

  • comment on the status messages.
  • share posts,links as instant messages.
  • have threaded discussions on a post
  • make more friends on the webosphere.

To dig more deep into Kwippy, its different that twitter, pownce and other microblog services in away,I quote the official kwippy blog for this:

In kwippy, the whole focus is on the Instant Messenger. The friends list on the instant messenger is the most intimate friends list you can find, of all social networks. It gives the people in the list immediate access to your attention. People share their joys (i got a raise), sorrows (i flunked my english papers), their favorite links, and thousand other things through their status messages. And all these people also have a list of their closest friends on their list. And like in the real world when a real friend introduces you to another person, the chances that you hit it off are greater. There’s this trust thing which is automatic.

Moreover Kwippy is built on coolest technologies like python, django, jQuery, Nginx and memcached. They have loosely coupled the system into services, Their blog post about its architecture speaks a lot about its quality of service and proclaims its bound to scale well.

I was following the twitter downtime discussions, some one was talking about Why twitter was built as a CMS why not as is messaging service ?.

I feel the same for Kwippy , Can they integrate concepts of messaging system to the kwippy architecture?

I have affinity for Kwippy because its Made in India , I have personally met the Kwippy CEO/co-founder. The startup culture is not as happening and vibrant in India, Its on the brink of becoming a great startup environment, So Kwippy is yet another Indian startup that might become an cult/role model figure for startuppers.

Come on Kwippy dikha do !

Follow me at kwippy